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Publication description

Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

Publication structure:
  • Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
    • 2006
      • Baran Bożena, Domański Zbigniew Estimation of the clogging time of linear filters based on experimentally determined particle-size distribution function
      • Błaszczuk Jolanta, Biernat Grzegorz, Domański Zbigniew An effective toroidal approximation for free liquid surface between ellipsoidal grains
      • Drzewiński Andrzej, Parry Andrew O. Szota Katarzyna Localization of the wetting transition for finite systems with a long-range wall-fluid potential
      • Grzybowski Andrzej Z. On some new method of incorporation prior information along with its uncertainty in regression estimation
      • Konik Tadeusz On the tangency of the rectifiable arcs
      • Kopciuszewski Paweł Three level hierarchical Bayesian estimation in conjoint process
      • Kukla Stanisław, Szewczyk Mariusz Free vibration of annular and circular plates of stepped thickness. Application of Green’s function method
      • Kukla Stanisław, Zamojska Izabela Free vibrations of a system of non-uniform beams coupled by elastic layers
      • Kulawik Adam, Węgrzyn-Skrzypczak Ewa Numerical model of progressive hardening process with tempering for C45 steel
      • Lipińska Jolana Groups of transformations as pseudogroups of functions
      • Łacińska Lena, Wierzbicki Ewaryst On the probabilistic analogy between homogenized and tolerance models of two-constituent microperiodic isotropic laminated composites
      • Łaciński Łukasz, Rychlewska Jowita, Szymczyk Jolanta, Woźniak Czesław A contribution to the modeling of nonstationary processes in functionally graded laminates
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Drozdek Joanna, Ładyga Ewa, Paruch Marek Computer implementation of the dual reciprocity BEM for 2D poisson’s equation
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Dziewoński Mirosław, Kałuża Grażyna Identification of latent heat of biological tissue subjected to the freezing
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian Identification of temperature dependent thermal conductivity using the gradient method
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Jasiński Marek Estimation of epidermis and dermis thicknesses on the basis of skin surface temperature
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Mendakiewicz Jerzy Application of FDM for numerical solution of hyperbolic heat conduction equation
      • Matalycki Michal, Pankov Andrzej Analysis of open queueing network with dependent on time parameters of input flow and servicing
      • Metelski Andrzej, Lara Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta Identification of source function using the numerical methods
      • Mochnacki Bohdan, Majchrzak Ewa, Szopa Romuald, Suchy Józef S. Inverse problems in the thermal theory of foundry processes
      • Mochnacki Bohdan, Metelski Andrzej, Siedlecki Jaosław Identification of solidification model parameters
      • Piasecka Belkhayat Alicja Interval boundary element method for 1D transient diffusion problem
      • Węgrzyn-Skrzypczak Ewa, Skrzypczak Tomasz Numerical analysis of the solidification process with natural convection of the liquid phase
      • Wierzbicki Ewaryst, Siedlecka Urszula On the influence of initial temperature fluctuations on the heat transfer process in two-constituent microperiodic laminated rigid conductors