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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics

Publication structure:
  • Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics
      • 2014
        • Biernat Grzegorz, Lara-Dziembek Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta The 3D Fourier equation with the Robin’s boundary condition usingthe finite difference metod
        • Błasik Marek Numerical scheme for one-phase 1D fractional Stefan problem usingthe similarity variable technique
        • Ciekot Anita, Kukla Stanisław Frequency analysis of a double-nanobeam-system
        • Katunin Andrzej Three-dimensional octonion wavelet transform
        • Kukla Stanislaw, Rychlewska Jowita Free vibration of axially functionally graded Euler-Bernoulli beams
        • Mandryk O.M. Horbiychuk M.I. Method of predicting the water level in the Dniester river,depending on weather conditions
        • Matalytski Mikhail, Naumenko Victor Application of a z-transforms method for investigation of Markov G-networks
        • Matalytski Mikhail, Naumenko Victor Investigation of G-network with signals at transient behavior
        • Mochnacki Bohdan, Majchrzak Ewa, Duda Mateusz Numerical modeling of thermal processes in the living tissue domain secured with a layer of protective clothing
        • Povstenko Yuriy, Klekot Joanna Fundamental solution to the Cauchy problem for the time-fractionaladvection-diffusion equation
        • Smorawa Dorota, Kubanek Mariusz Analysis of advanced techniques of image processing based on automatic detection system and road signs recognition
        • Sokół Krzysztof, Kulawik Adam Optimization of slender systems by means of genetic algorithms
        • Torres Cesar Existence of a solution for the fractional forced pendulum
        • Wituła Roman, Hetmaniok Edyta, Słota Damian A geometric property of the roots of Chebyshev polynomials
        • Zhernovyi Yuriy, Kopytko Bohdan The queueing system M X 2 /M /n with hysteretic control of the inputflow intensity
        • Borowska Jolanta, Łacińska Lena, Rychlewska Jowita A system of linear recurrence equations for determinant of pentadiagonal matrix
        • Ciesielski Mariusz, Mochnacki Bohdan Numerical simulation of the heating process in the domain of tissue insulated by protective clothing
        • Guminiak Michał, Szajek Krzysztof Static analysis of circular and elliptic plates resting on internal flexible supports by the Boundary Element Method
        • Jasiński Marek Sensitivity analysis of transient bioheat transfer during thermal injury formation of biological tissue
        • Kahlig Peter, Matkowski Janusz Note on some infinite products for π
        • Kindybaliuk Arkadii Generalized method of Lie-algebraic discrete approximations for solving Cauchy problems with evolution equation
        • Matlak Dagmara, Matlak Jarosław, Słota Damian, Wituła Roman Differentiation and integration by using matrix inversion
        • Mazewska Marta, Kula Dorota, Wierzbicki Ewaryst Boundary effect behavior in the hexagonal-type biperiodic structures with rotational symmetry
        • Nabrdalik Marcin Use of the Finite Element Method in the analysis of load of polyethylene inserts of knee joint endoprosthesis
        • Piasecka-Belkhayat Alicja Korczak Anna Numerical modelling of the transient heat transport in 2D silicon thin film using the interval lattice Boltzmann method
        • Poteralski Arkadiusz Two types of parameterization of mass density distribution during immune optimization of the 3D structure
        • Pozorska Jolanta, Pozorski Zbigniew Static response of thermally loaded sandwich beams with confined horizontal displacements of faces at the supports
        • Sobociński Michał The influence of overload stresses on durability of ceramic elements in hip joint endoprostheses
        • Węgrzyn-Skrzypczak Ewa, Skrzypczak Tomasz Mathematical and numerical basis of binary alloy solidification modelswith substitute thermal capacity. Part I
        • Węgrzyn Skrzypczak Ewa, Skrzypczak Tomasz Mathematical and numerical basis of binary alloy solidification models with substitute thermal capacity. Part II
        • Zhernovyi Yuryi, Kopytko Bohdan The system Mө2 /G/1/m with threshold control of the arrival rate and service time
        • Bartłomiejczyk Kamila Chain-like structures’ motion - metamodeling of the translocation time in somespecific situations
        • Biernat Grzegorz, Lara-Dziembek Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta, The n-dimensional Fourier equation with the Robin’s boundary condition using the finite difference method
        • Borowska Jolanta, Łacińska Lena Relation between determinants of tridiagonal and certain pentadiagonal matrices
        • Ciekot Anita, Kukla Stanisław Free vibration to a system of cantilever nanobeams
        • Derda Tomasz Damage evolution in the anisotropic range variable model of nanopillar array
        • Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian, Majchrzak Ewa Temperature field in burned and healthy tissue - sensitivity analysis with respect to the thermal parameters
        • Gnatowska Renata Numerical analysis of oscillating flow around a cylinder
        • Jeruszka Piotr An analysis of the concurrent calculation of the First Sets
        • Katunin Andrzej Stress concentration at the circular hole of cyclically bent layered composite plate within the framework of a moment theory of thermoviscoelasticity
        • Kindybaliuk Arkadii, Prytula Mykola Combined algorithm for finding conservation laws and implectic operators for the Boussinesq-Burgers nonlinear dynamical system and its finite dimensional reductions
        • Kopytko Bohdan, Shevchuk Roman One-dimensional diffusions in bounded domains with a possible jump-like exit from a sticky boundary
        • Kukla Stanisław, Siedlecka Urszula Green’s function for heat conduction problems in a multi-layered hollow cylinder
        • Kukla Stanisław, Zamorska Izabela Power series solution of first order matrix differential equations
        • Krzyszkowska Patrycja, Maciąg Artur, Walaszczyk Magdalena The usage of Trefftz functions and Picard’s iteration for solving different problems of a two-dimensional wave equation
        • Matalytski Mikhail, Kiturko Olga The analysis of the three-level HM-network and its application for the incomes forecasting of a logistic transport system
        • Matalytski Mikhail, Naumenko Victor Investigation of G-network with random delay of signals at non stationary behaviour
        • Michalski Grzegorz, Sczygiol Norbert, Leonov Siergiei Using CUDA architecture for computer simulations of thermomechanical phenomena
        • Piekarska Wiesława, Kubiak Marcin, Saternus Zbigniew, Domański Tomasz, Stano Sebastian, Radcenko, Michail V., Ivanov Sergiej G. Numerical modelling of thermal phenomena in Yb:YAG laser welding process
        • Pozorska Jolanta, Pozorski Zbigniew The numerical model of sandwich panels used for specifying wrinkling stress
        • Puchała Piotr Weak convergence in L1 of the sequences of monotonic functions
        • Zych Maria The correlation between the eigenvalues of global FEM matrix and the size of time step in the numerical solutions of solidification equation
        • Biernat Grzegorz, Lara-Dziembek Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta Symmetric polynomials in the 2D Fourier equation
        • Błaszczyk Tomasz, Siedlecki Jarosław An approximation of the fractional integrals using quadratic interpolation
        • Borowska Jolanta, Łacińska Lena Recurrence form for determinant of a heptadiagonal symmetric Toeplitz matrix
        • Ciekot Anita, Kukla Stanisław Frequency analysis of a double-walled nanotubes system
        • Domański Tomasz Model of hardening elements of tools steel C80U
        • Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian Determination of an optimal shape of domain using the topological derivativeand the Boundary Element Method
        • Gubareni Nadiya Semiprime FDI-rings
        • Kaźmierczak Anna Module of geodesic foliation on the flat torus
        • Kula Dorota On Fourier implementation of tolerance modeling of linear elastodynamicsof periodic composites
        • Lupa Maria A special case of generalized Hölder functions
        • Mochnacki Bohdan, Majchrzak Ewa, Duda Mateusz Simplified model of thermal interactions between environment,protective clothing and skin tissue
        • Nabrdalik Marcin Numerical analysis of the strain distribution underneath the surfaceof polyethylene flat and spherical inserts with metal sled
        • Rychlewska Jowita Buckling analysis of axially functionally graded beams
        • Siedlecka Urszula Radial heat conduction in a multilayered sphere
        • Sobociński Michał Estimation of UHMWPE crystallinity degree variation
        • Sowa Leszek Mathematical model of solidification of the axisymmetric casting while takinginto account its shrinkage
        • Szopa Romuald, Siedlecki Jarosław Application of the control volume method in numerical modelingof cryosurgery treatment
        • Szota Katarzyna The temperature activation of carbon saturation steel process
        • Tuzikiewicz Wioletta Sensitivity of transient temperature field in the casting domain with respect tolatent heat perturbations
        • Woźniak Dariusz, Drzewiński Andrzej, Kamieniarz Grzegorz Time evolution of the Haldane state after a quantum quench
        • Zamorska Izabela Solution of differential equation for the Euler-Bernoulli beam
        • Zhernovyi Yuriy, Kopytko Bohdan, Zhernovyi Konstantyn On characteristics of the Mө /G/1/m and Mө /G/1 queues with queue-size basedpacket dropping
        • Zubaszewska Małgorzata, Gendiar Andrej, Masłowski Tomasz Critical fluctuations of a confined binary mixture