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Publication description

Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

Publication structure:
  • Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
    • 2012
      • Bekish N., Kiturko O., Matalytski M., On Analytical Investigation and Simulation of HM-Networks with Priority Requests
      • Ciesielski M., Mochnacki B., Numerical Analysis of Interrelations Skin surface Temperature and Burn Wound Shape
      • Kałuża G., The Numerical Solution Of The Transient heat Conduction Problem Using The Lattice Boltzmann Method
      • Katunin A., Solution of Plane Dirichlet Problem Using Compactly Supported 2D Wavelet scaling Functions
      • Kosarava K., Matalytski M., Rozau K., Finding of incomes of HM-Network With Limited Waiting Times in Queues by means of he Succesive Approximations Method
      • Kukla S.,Siedlecka U., Zamorska I., Green's Functions for interior and exterior Helmholtz Problems
      • Majchrzak E., Turchan Ł., The Finite Difference Method For Transient Convection-Diffusion Problems
      • Matalytski M., Rusilko T., The Network Probability Model Of One-Type Customer Requests Procesing In An Insurance Company
      • Matalytski M., Statkevich S., Investigation Of Queuening Network With Unreliable Systems And Large Number Of Messages
      • Siedlecka U., Kukla S., Zamorska I. Free Vibration Of Composite Circular Membranes
      • Slodicak V., Toposes Are Symmetric Monoidal Closed Categories
      • Stępień M., R., Uncountability Of The Group Of Strong Automorphisms Of Witt Ring Of Rational Numbers
      • Zamorska I.,Kukla S., Siedlecka I., Frequency Analysis Of Composite Annular Membranes
      • Błaszczuk., J., Pozorski Z., The Analysis Of The Influence Of Core Compression Effect On The Determination Of The Shear Modulus Of The Sandwich Panel Core
      • Borowska J., Klekot J., Determination Of a Fundamental Solution For Diffusion Equation In Cylindrical CO-ORDINATE System With temperature-dependent Source Term
      • Ciekot A., Idziak-Jabłońska A., Lacki P., Optimization Of Dogboning Phenomenom Of The Coronary Artery Stent
      • Freus K., Freus S., Shape Sensitivity Analysis Of Temperature Distribution In a Non-homogenous Domain
      • Jamrozik A., Tutak W., Application Of Numerical Modeling To Optimize The Thermal Cycle Of The Internal Combustion Engine
      • Katunin A., Fractals Based On Regular Convex Polytopes
      • Majchrzak E., Dziatkiewicz J., Application Of The Two-Temperature Model For a Numerical Study Of Multiple Laser Pulses Interactions With Thin Metal Films
      • Matalytski M., Naumenko V., Analysis Of The Quening Network With Messages Bypass Of Systems In Transient Behaviour
      • Matalytski M., Statkevich S., About Simulation Modeling Of Hm-Queuning Network With Unreliable Systems
      • Sokół K., On Influence Of Concentrated Mass On Intsability And Vibration Of A Column Subjected To Euler's Load
      • Piech H., Borowik P., Petri Net Synthesis Based On Model Behavior
      • Piech H., Borowik P., Probability Of Retrieving Information In a Multi-encrypted Enviroment
      • Biernat Grzegorz , Lara-Dziembek Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta The determinants of the three-band block matrices
      • Błasik Marek Numerical scheme for the one-phase 1D Stefan problem using curvilinear coordinates
      • Borowska Jolanta, Łacińska Lena, Rychlewska Jowita Application of difference equations to certain tridiagonal matrices
      • Derda Tomasz Damage evolution of dense nanopillars located on a two-dimensional square grid
      • Grodzki Grzegorz Methodology pertaining to component evaluation of turbulence energy balance in a premixed jet flame with dissipation
      • Gubareni Nadiya Structure of finitely generated modules over right hereditary SPSD-rings
      • Gubareni Nadiya On right hereditary SPSD-rings of bounded representation type I
      • Klimek Małgorzata, Lupa Maria Reflection symmetry properties of generalized fractional derivatives
      • Kozlowski Adam, Zurek Stan DC magnetic field generator with spatial coils arrangement
      • Lipińska Jolanta Properties of a set of idempotent elements of generalised inverse semigroups
      • Ładyga Ewa, Pękała Władysław Evolution of Duffing’s equation solution obtained with approximated impulse process excitation
      • Ładyga Marek, Tkacz Maciej The properties of method balancing the unsustainable production and consumption model
      • Matalytski Mikhail,Naumenko Victor Finding incomes of the HM-network with one-type messages bypass of systems
      • Mochnacki Bohdan , Majchrzak Ewa , Szopa Romuald A new variant of temporary temperarure field correction method
      • Portenko Mykola, Kopytko Bohdan On constructing a multidimensional diffusion process with a membrane located on a given hyperplane and acting in an oblique direction
      • Semianchuk Natallia Calculate wavelets spectral estimate
      • Żyłka Anna Algorithm for the optimal design of plus-energy buildings
      • Biernat Grzegorz, Lara-Dziembek Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta The determinants of the block matrices in the 3D Fourier equation
      • Cekus Dawid Free vibration of a cantilever tapered Timoshenko beam
      • Chuda-Kowalska Monika Influence of longitudinal edge profiling in sandwich panels on interpretation of experimental results
      • Ciekot Anita Free axial vibration of a nanorod using the WKB method
      • Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian Determination of surface location between two sub-domains using the temperature distribution on the external surface
      • Grodzki Grzegorz The convection term evaluation of the turbulence kinetic energy balance in a flame with medium density changes
      • Gubareni Nadiya On right hereditary SPSD-rings of bounded representation type II
      • Kidawa-Kukla Jadwiga Thermally induced vibration of an annular plate subjected to the oscillating heat stream
      • Kopytko Bohdan, Andriy Novosyadlo Andriy Feller semigroup for diffusion process piesewise-constant generalized diffusion matrix and generalized drift vector
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Borowska Jolanta, Klekot Joanna, Tarasek Damian Modeling of temperature field inside the tissue with a blood vessel using the BEM-FDM algorithm
      • Matalytski Mikhail, Naumenko Victor Analysis of networks with time-dependent transition probabilities and messages bypass between the queuing systems
      • Matalytski Mikhail , Rusilko Tatiana, Pankov Andrey Asymptotic analysis of the closed network with time-dependent service parameters and single-type messages
      • Siedlecki Jarosław, Ciesielski Mariusz Mathematical model for thermal processes in photopolymerization
      • Siedlecki Jarosław, Tuzikiewicz Wioletta Substitute thermal capacity of binary alloys. Review of hypotheses
      • Sobociński Michał, Nabrdalik Marcin Numerical analysis of stress and strain pattern occuring in the contact area of cooperating elements of hip and knee joint endoprostheses
      • Szlachetka Olga, Wągrowska Monika, Witkowska-DobrevJoanna, Woźniak Czesław On the mass discretization approach to elastodynamics of periodically stratified composites
      • Wróbel Joanna, Kulawik Adam The analysis of the iterations process in the elasto-plastic stress model