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Publication description

Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

Publication structure:
  • Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
    • 2011
      • Grzybowski Andrzej, Domański Zbigniew A sequential algorithm for modelling random movements of chain-like structures
      • Ciesielski Mariusz, Mochnacki Bohdan, Szopa Romuald Numerical modeling of biological tissue heating.Admissible thermal dose
      • Derda Tomasz Avalanche statistics in transfer load models of evolving damage
      • Dyja Robert, Mikoda Juliusz 3D simulation of alloy solidificationin the nuscas system
      • Dymova Ludmila, Sevastjanov Pavel Operations on intuitionistic fuzzy values in multiple criteria decision making
      • Geisler Tomasz, Sochacki Wojciech Modelling and research into the vibrations of truck crane
      • Gubareni Nadiya Valuation and discrete valuation rings
      • Jasiński Marek Modelling of light and human skin interactionusing Kubelka-Munk theory
      • Kałuża Grażyna, Ładyga Ewa Application of bem for numerical solution of thermal wave model of bioheat transfer
      • Katunin Andrzej Deterministic fractals based on archimedean solids
      • Kazibudzki Paweł Comparison of analytic hierarchy process and some new optimization procedures for ratio scaling
      • Klimek Małgorzata, Lupa Maria On reflection symmetry in fractional mechanics
      • Konik Tadeusz On compatibility of some tangency relations of sets
      • Kukla Stanisław Application of eigenfunctions method for solving time-fractional partial differential equations
      • Lara-Dziembek Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta Identification of boundary heat flux using sequential and global function specification methods and FDM algorithm
      • Lipińska Jolanta Properties of partial order in generalised inverse semigroups
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian Shape sensitivity analysis. Implicit approach using boundary element method
      • Matalytski Mikchail, Kiturko Olga Solution of optimal control problem for the three-level hm-network I
      • Matalytski Mikchail, Statkevich Sviataslau Time-dependent state probabilities of queueing network with unreliable systems in transient regime
      • Mochnacki Bohdan, Paruch Marek Application of evolutionary algorithms for identification of dual phase lag model parameters
      • Piasecka Belkhayat Alicja Numerical modelling of cooling process using fuzzy boundary element method with -cuts
      • Piech Henryk The association automata as a mechanism for memory organization
      • Puchała Piotr Variational analysis of one-dimensional nonconvex neumann problem
      • Sokół Krzysztof Influence of crack location on divergence and flutter instability of a column subjected to generalized load
      • Stępień Marcin Ryszard Automorphisms of witt rings and quaternionic structures
      • Biernat Grzegorz Bejm Małgorzata, Dedyk Tomasz, Wilczyńska Bernadeta Values of fundamental symmetric polynomialswith natural arguments
      • Biernat Grzegorz, Siedlecka Urszula Finite difference method in fourier equationinternal case - direct formulas
      • Błasik Marek Numerical scheme for a two-term sequential fractional differential equation
      • Błaszczuk Jolanta, Pozorski Zbigniew Engineering aspects of mathematical model of deep-profiled sandwich panel
      • Błaszczyk Tomasz, Ciesielski Maruisz Numerical solution of fractional euler-lagrangeequation with multipoint boundary conditions
      • Cekus Dawid Use of lagrange multiplier formalism to solve transverse vibrations problem of stepped beams according to timoshenko theory
      • Dymova Ludmila, Sevastjanov Pavel, Tikhonenko Anna A new approach to comparing intuitionistic fuzzy values
      • Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian Estimation of temperature changes due to perturbation of local geometry of boundary using implicit approach of shape sensitivity analysis
      • Grzybowski Andrzej Z. Simulation approach to optimal stopping in some blackjack type problems
      • Jakubski Artur, Perliński Robert Review of general exponentiation algorithms
      • Kazibudzki Paweł Scenario based analysis of logarithmic utility approach for deriving priority vectors in analytic hierarchy process
      • Kidawa-Kukla Jadwiga Thermally induced vibration of an annular plate
      • Kopytko Bohdan, Zhernovyi Konstantyn Stationary characteristics of m/m/1 queue with switching of service modes
      • Kukla Stanisław Green’s function for vibration problems of an elliptical membrane
      • Ładyga Marek, Tkacz Maciej Balancing method of unsustainable productionand consumption model
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Tarasek Damian Numerical analysis of heat transfer in countercurrent blood flow and biological tissue
      • Matalytski Mikhail, Kiturko Olga Solution of optimal control problem for the three-level hm-network – II
      • Matalytski Mikhail, Kiturko Olga,Czhornaja Natalia Method of finding incomes in Hm-networks with time-dependent intensity of requests service
      • Matalytski Mikhail, Kiturko olga, Czhornaja Natalia Finding expected incomes in hm-network with priority requests and linear time-dependent intensity of their service
      • Mochnacki Bohdan, Siedlecki Jarosław Sensitivity of tissue freezing process on changes of time-dependent cryoprobe tip cooling rate
      • Pasternak Karol Percolation with thick symmetric barrier in finite systems
      • Piech Henryk Association automata functioning analysis
      • Siedlecka Urszula Sturm-liouville eigenvalue problems with mathematica
      • Węgrzyn-Skrzypczk Ewa, Skrzypczak Tomasz Mathematical model and numerical solution of double diffusive natural convection system
      • Szecówka Magdalena Effective thermal conductivity of two-dimensional compacted granulates
      • Szota Katarzyna, Jędryka Jarosław, Nabiałek Marcin, Szota Michał Determination of current characteristics of 2G HTSC
      • Zamorska Izabela Application of green’s matrix method in vibration problems of timoshenko beams