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Publication description

Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

Publication structure:
  • Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
    • 2008
      • Biernat Grzegorz, Ciekot Anita The polynomial tensor interpolation
      • Błaszczuk Jolanta Mean-field energy of elementary grain arrangements in wet granular ensembles
      • Borowska Jolanta, Łaciński Łukasz, Rychlewska Jowita, Woźniak Czesław On the tolerance averaging for differential operators with periodic coefficients
      • Domański Zbigniew Cells and attractant masses related by chemotactic aggregation
      • Drzewiński Andrzej, Szota Katarzyna Bulk critical exponents in a presence of the capillary condensation
      • Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian Application of the rational B-spline curves for description of complex domain shape
      • Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian Determination of temperature field in domain of complex shape using the NURBS curves and BEM
      • Grzybowski Andrzej On some blackjack type optimal stopping problem
      • Jasiński Marek Modelling of 1D bioheat transfer with perfusion coefficient dependent on tissue necrosis
      • Jasiński Marek Multiobjective identification of boundary temperature using energy minimization methodcoupled with Boundary Element Method
      • Kidawa-Kukla Jadwiga Temperature distribution in a circular plate heated by a moving heat source
      • Kukla Stanisław Green’s functions to vibration problems of Bernoulli-Euler beams with variable cross-section by a differential equation problem
      • Lupa Maria, Ładyga Ewa Application of the boundary element method using discretization in time for numerical solution of hyperbolic equation
      • Łacińska Lena, Wierzbicki Ewaryst On the tolerance wave - type solutions to the hyperbolic heat conduction in microperiodic composites
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Drozdek Joanna, Paruch Marek Heating of tissue by means of the electric field - numerical model basing on the BEM
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Kałuża Grażyna, Poteralska Jolanta Application of the DRBEM for numerical solution of Cattaneo-Vernotte bioheat transfer equation
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Mochnacki Bohdan, Suchy Józef S. Heat transfer in domain of metal superficial layer subjected to a strong external heat flux
      • Majchrzak Ewa, Tarasek Damian Shape sensitivity analysis with respect to the parameters of internal hole
      • Mendakiewicz Jezrzy Application of sensitivity analysis in experiments design
      • Mochnacki Bohdan, Dziewoński Mirosław Evaporation effect in domain of tissue subjected to a strong external heat source
      • Piasecka-Belkhayat Alicja Solution of 2D transient diffusion problem with interval source function
      • Piech Henryk The methodology of improvement of consistent in Saaty’s matrix judgments
      • Piech Henryk The researches of finding consistent in Saaty’s matrix judgments with interval parameters
      • Siedlecka Urszula, Woźniak Czesław On the modelling of a certain quasi-linear heat conduction problem in a two-phased laminated medium
      • Szopa Romuald, Pawlak Edyta, Siedlecki Jarosław Stefan and Kolmogoroff models of solidification. Comparison of numerical solutions
      • Węgrzyn- Skrzypczak Ewa, SkrzypczakTomasz Accuracy of numerical solution of heat diffusion equation
      • Zamorska Izabela Free vibration of stepped Timoshenko beams with attachements
      • Błocki Zbigniew The complex Monge-Ampère equation In Kähler geometry
      • Kempa Wojciech M. On the queue-length distribution in the gix/g/1 system with server vacations and exhaustive service
      • Ciecierska Grażyna On some property of the modified power of an algebraic nucleus
      • Klimek Małgorzata, Dziembowski Daniel On Mellin transform application to solution of fractional differential equations
      • Konik Tadeusz About the equivalence of the tangency relation of arcs
      • Matalycki Michal, Koluzaewa Katarzyna Analysis and optimization of markov Hm-networks with stochastic incomes from transitions between their states
      • Povstenko Jurij The distinguishing features of the fundamental Solution to the diffusion-wave equation
      • Rygał Grażyna Development of pupils’ mathematical thinking
      • Świtalski Zbigniew Stability and equilibria in the matching models
      • Woleński Jan On philosophical sense of metamathical limitative theorems
      • Wrzesień Andrzej On some extremal problem of chosen Two-parametrical families of real functions
      • Żołądek Henryk Algebraic curves in the complex plane
      • Biernat Grzegorz, Boryś Justyna, Całusińska Ilona, Surma Agnieszka The three-band matrices
      • Biernat Grzegorz, Mazur Justyna Finite difference method in the Fourier equation With Newton’s boundary conditionsdirect formulas