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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics

Publication structure:
  • Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki=Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics
      • 2013
        • Bartłomiejczyk Kamila Distribution of position of segment initiating the chain-like structure translocation through the membrane opening
        • Dima Ioan Constantin, Grabara Janusz, Kolcun Michal Econometric model for planning the industrial production
        • Dima Ioan Constantin, Man Mariana, Grabara Janusz Using the economical-mathematical modeling In the constructive preparation of production
        • Grzybowski Andrzej Z. New optimization-based method for estimating priority weights
        • Guminak Michał Simplified approach of free vibration analysis of plates supported in vicinity of the corners by BEM
        • Kopytko Bohdan, Shevchuk Roman Diffusions in one-dimensional bounded domains with reflection, absorption and jumps at the boundary and at some interior point
        • Kot Sebastian, łodziński Jerzy Decision support of spare parts supply
        • Królikowski Wiesław Quaternionic regular functions in the sense of Fueter and fundamental 2-forms on a 4-dimensional almost Kähler manifold
        • Matalytski Mikhail Kiturko Olga Finding of the expected income of the closed queueing structure and its application in transport logistics
        • Matalytski Mikhail, Naumenko Victor Nonstationary analysis of the queueing network with bypass of systems of multi-type and absolute priority messages
        • Steingartner William, Galinec Darko The rôle of categorical structures In infinitesimal calculus
        • Ziólkowski Marcin, Małek Jacek M/m/n/(m,v) queueing systems with a rejection mechanism based on AQM
        • Almowanes Abdullah, Kakiashvili Tamar, Koczkodaj Waldemar Generating placated random shapes for an area estimation study
        • Ciekot Anita, Kukla Stanisław Free longitudinal vibration of a double-nanorod system
        • Katunin Andrzej On the symmetry of bioctonionic Julia sets
        • Królikowski Wiesław New property of quaternionic Fueter functions
        • Kukla Stanisław, Rychlewska Jowita Free vibration analysis of functionally graded beams
        • Kukla Stanisław, Siedlecka Urszula Heat conduction in a two-layered hollow cylinder by Green’s function method
        • Matalyttski Mikhail, Kiturko Olga The asymptotic analysis of the income in closed HM-structure with priority messages
        • Matalytski Mikhail, Naumenko Victor Non stationary analysis of a quening network with positive and negative messages
        • Matalytski Mikhail, Rusilko Tatiana, Pankov Andrey Asymptotic analysis of the closed queueing structure with time-dependent service parameters and single-type messages
        • Nabrdalik Marcin The issue of contact strength occuring in polyethylene flat inserts of total knee endoprostheses
        • Sobociński Michał Numerical analysis of stress and strain occuring in the contact area of ceramic head - ceramic cup in the hip endoprostheses
        • Sochacki Wojciech, Bold Marta Vibration of crane radius change system with internal damping
        • Węgrzyn-Skrzypczk Ewa, Skrzypczak Tomasz Investigation of accuracy of the interface tracking method
        • Węgrzyn- Skrzypczak Ewa, Skrzypczak Tomasz Numerical model with explicit scheme for tracking interfaces
        • Biernat Grzegorz, Lara-Dziembek Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta The determinants of the block band matrices based on the n-dimensional Fourier equation. Part 1
        • Biernat Grzegorz, Lara-Dziembek Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta The determinants of the block band matrices based on the n-dimensional Fourier equation. Part 2
        • Borowska Jolanta, Łacińska Lena, Rychlewska Jowita On determinant of certain pentadiagonal matrix
        • Cieierska Grażyna On some application of algebraic quasinuclei to the determinant theory
        • Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian, Majchrzak Ewa Determination of the temperature field in burned and healthy skin tissue using the boundary element method - part I
        • Freus Katarzyna, Freus Sebastian Determination of the temperature field in burned and healthy skin tissue using the boundary element method - part II
        • Sayed Mojtaba Hozhabrossadati, Ahmad Aftabi Sani, Masood Mofid Resonant Green’s function for Euler-Bernoulli beams by means of the Fredholm Alternative Theorem
        • Katunin Andrzej Spatial damage identification in composite plates using multiwavelets
        • Gawrońska Natalia, Słota Damian, Wituła Roman, Zielonka Adam Some generalizations of Gregory’s power series and their applications
        • Hetmaniok Edyta, Pleszczyński Mariusz, Słota Damian, Wituła Roman On similarities between exponential polynomials and Hermite polynomials
        • Siedlecka Urszula, Kukla Stanisław Application of a Green’s function method to heat conduction problems in multi-layered cylinders
        • Szopa Romuald, Tuzikiewicz Wioletta, Siedlecki Jarosław Sensitivity analysis of the crystallization model with respect to cooling conditions
        • Stępień Marcin Ryszard, Stępień Lidia On strong automorphisms of direct products of Witt rings (I)
        • Biernat Grzegorz, Lara-Dziembek Sylwia, Pawlak Edyta The finite difference method in the 2D Fourier equation with Robin’s boundary condition
        • Błaszczuk Jolanta, Pozorski Zbigniew The influence of thermal actions and complex support conditions on the mechanical state of sandwich structure
        • Ciesielski Mariusz, BłaszczykTomasz An approximation of the analytical solution of the fractional Euler-Lagrange equation
        • Derda Tomasz Mechanical annealing model of damage in arrays of nanopillars
        • Gawroński Bartosz, Jankowska Julia, Moltzan Rafał, Włodarczyk Izabela, Biernat Grzegorz About some properties of jacobian for polynomial mappings of two complex variables
        • Gubareni Nadiya Some mixed matrix problems over several discrete valuation rings
        • Kidawa-Kukla Jadwiga Thermally induced vibration of a cantilever beam with periodically varying intensity of a heat source
        • Kiturko Olga, Matalytski Mikhail Investigation of HM-network with priority messages and depending on time incomes from transitions between its states
        • Lipińska Marta Generalised inverse semigroups with the smallest element
        • Ładyga Marek, Tkacz Maciej The method of balancing the production and consumption model in the case of indivisible articles
        • Majchrzak Ewa, Turchan Łukasz Solution of dual phase lag equation by means of the boundary element method using discretization in time
        • Mochnacki Bohdan, Paruch Marek Cattaneo-Vernotte equation. Identification of relaxation time using evolutionary algorithms
        • Siedlecki Jarosław, Ciesielski Mariusz Simulations of thermal processes in a restored tooth
        • Sokół Krzysztof Vibration control of a column with concentrated mass on by means of piezoceramic elements
        • Stępień Marcin Ryszard Stępień Lidia On strong automorphisms of direct products of Witt rings (II)
        • Zhernovyi Yuriy, Kopytko Bohdan, Zhernovyi Konstantyn The busy period for the M0/G/1/m system with service time dependent of the queue length